I had some concerns, as I suspect mot people entering living may have, regarding our social lives and whether we would develop friends here. Not only have my wife and I been able to maintain existing relationships but we have met several new people here...people we now consider to be our friends. The life enrichment program is designed to nurture interaction between people. The hostess in the Main Dining Room seats new guests with compatible table mates and within days, individuals become neighbors and friends. The floor we live on has become our new neighborhood. The people living here seem to understand that all of us have been new to The Park Danforth at some point. Everyone is so friendly here. My wife and I could not feel more at home.


I have lived at The Park Danforth for more than three years. I moved here from my home in North Deering when I realized that I needed more help than could be provided at home. I looked at many communities with assisted living programs before deciding on Clark's Terrace at The Park Danforth. It was the perfect fit for me. The staff are so supportive and friendly. I am a social and active person and I love "Main Street" with the movie theater, bistro, salon and market. There are several churches nearby and I'm near family and friends. I spent many years as a teacher and I enjoy organizing the library we have on Clark's Terrace. As a gardener, I enjoy the beautiful courtyard garden. Chandeliers and oriental rugs don't impress me, but a warm, supportive environment does. That is what I found here at The Park Danforth. I feel comfortable and safe in my new home. I couldn't have made a better choice.

I moved to The Park Danforth from New Jersey. I had worked for the same hospital there for over 50 years. My boss and my family noticed that I was getting a bit forgetful and spoke to me about finding a senior living community where I would have some support. My sister lives in Maine and she suggested The Park Danforth. I live in a nice, one-bedroom, independent living apartment with a balcony! And it is affordable. My rent is based on my income. I go to the theater, life enrichment activities, special events, entertainers in the auditorium, shopping and the main dining room. The food is great! I love people and enjoy the friends I have made. The staff is wonderful, and I feel very fortunate to be living here. I wish more people knew about The Park Danforth.

I originally moved from Florida to be closer to my family. My son lives in Portland. Initially I lived in another senior community and resided there for four years. It was fine, at first, but it didn't fit my idea of what an independent living community should be, and I wasn't happy. From there I moved into an independent living community that did not have 24/7 emergency staff and I didn't feel safe. I had heard good things about The Park Danforth and had friends who had moved here. The staff here is unbelievably friendly and know how to treat the residents. I was a business owner and know how people should be treated. The Park Danforth was the right choice for me.

I am a native of Maine going back three generations. I retired as an attorney in 1995 and came to The Park Danforth along with Ellie, my wife of 58 years, in 2009. Ellie and I were originally living in a market rate apartment and we couldn't have been happier. I lost Ellie in 2017 and moved to a government subsidized apartment at The Park Danforth about a year later. One of the appeals of The Park Danforth was the ability for me to remain in this lovely community with friendly people even though my situation had changed. The staff have been super attentive, and I have never regretted moving to The Park Danforth. My only advise to other people considering a move to The Park Danforth is......Don't Wait!