Our Story. Our Staff.

The Park Danforth has an excellent reputation throughout the region, not only for the high quality of life we offer, but for the genuine caring we show all of our residents.

That reputation is due in large part to the people our residents interact with every day. The Park Danforth staff serves residents with equal measures of love and skill, resulting in a place called "home".

When new residents move here, they're met with unassuming expertise. Unashamed empathy. Unparalleled service. It impacts their lives every day, making them richer, happier, more satisfying.

Meet The Staff

On this page we'll share profiles and photos of some of our key staffers:

Rick Mageles, Director - Environmental Services & Systems

Rick is known as everyone's 'go to' guy - Park Danforth's very own McGyver!

"I am proud to say that I am a lifelong Mainer. I grew up in Cape Elizabeth and spent most summers living at Pine Point Beach. I traveled some in my earlier years but decided settling in southern Maine was where I wanted to be. I still live in Cape with my wife Janet, and our 3 grown children Meghan, Rachel and Austin come and go (and sometimes live with us) regularly.

My older sister and her family live a mile down the road and my mom lives in a condo just two miles from us so family gatherings happen often!

We have pets...so many pets! We have a husky (Keebler), two senior cats (Sadie & Maisie), a bunny (Tokki), a dove (Mia), a cockatiel (Eagie), and 5 ducks that live in the backyard (Honey, Sunshine, Dusty, Sweetie and Popper). I think my wife's dream of having a miniature horse farm is going to have to wait until we retire and move to the country!

I have worked in Facilities/Property Maintenance for almost 30 years now and my past experiences were in manufacturing and healthcare prior to working here at The Park Danforth. I also worked as an auto mechanic and an electrician in my early days.

I enjoy working at The Park Danforth because it satisfies my desire to serve others...and it challenges me every day."

The staff at The Park Danforth was awesome at giving my sister the support and comfort she needed to feel like she belonged. Along with supporting my sister, they also supported me in this transition. I feel like I can be a sister again instead of a caregiver!

Susan G.