Take a Break -Listen to a Good Book, Magazine or Podcast

Its always important to include a certain amount of self-care activities in our busy schedules but it seems more important than ever to include a bit of pampering in our daily/weekly routines with the added stressors of Covid-19 and isolation. You will note that “reading” is one of the popular hobbies included in the above list. Taking some time to read a chapter or two of a good book or thumbing through an informative magazine may provide you with exactly the type of self-care that you are looking for. Those of you who have difficulty reading due to issues with your eyesight, listen to books is a great alternative. There are many platforms available which allow you to listen to books on your laptop, tablet or phone (Audible, Bookriot and Booksontape.com to name just a few). LibriVox has many books available to listen to at no cost! https://librivox.org/

If you have not discovered podcasts this is also another listening opportunity you need to check out. Podcasts come in many formats; some resemble a talk show while others are more documentary based. The number of genres of podcasts are numerous covering everything from true crime to DIY to senior living. If you have an area of interest, there is most likely several podcasts meant just for you. Here is a link to the most popular podcasts of 2020:


Self-care refers to any activity that promotes your well-being physically, emotionally, or spiritually, especially during times of stress. Whether it be a warm bath, a good book, meditation, or a piece of chocolate; each of these activities could provide a bit of well-deserved self-care during this time of Covid-19.