Getting Around

As we age we tend to experience a decrease in physical mobility. It can be more and more difficult to get around once you have reached a certain age. Limited mobility can make any activity a challenge. Challenges in mobility are not limited to “getting around your house” but also “getting around your neighborhood, town or state” and this can also hinder activity during the holidays.

There are ways to improve your mobility as well as options for local transportation that may help you “get around”.

If mobility within your household environment is a challenge, conserve your energy as much as possible but take advantage of opportunities to increase your stamina. Break down any tasks into smaller steps. Making a meal, doing your laundry or housework all can be broken down into smaller tasks to save energy. Balance this with taking walks within or outside your home to increase your stamina.

There are many options for transportation in most urban and some rural settings. Public transportation and hired rides such as Uber and Lyft. An option which is relatively new to me is Go Go Grandparent, a ride service specifically geared towards older adults.