COVID-19 Response

Responding to COVID-19
In Our Own Words

Since March 2020, Our Team has responded to the COVID-19 crisis in a variety of ways. This page highlights the ways in which we worked together to insure the health and well-being of our residents and staff.

Ried Snyder
Executive Chef

Anne Nappi
Director of Assisted Living

Rick Mageles
Director of Environmental Services & Systems

Mandy Yates
Director of Life Enrichment

Kelley Hartman
Director of Resident

Albert L'Etoile
Director of Sales & Marketing

The Park Danforth offers a flexible meal plan. These days, residents who are on a plan get their meals delivered to them. Social distancing is important and we look forward to someday in the future when everyone is eating in the dining room again!

We realize that being apart can be hard on our residents and their families. We have had families visit loved ones from a safe distance and it is always an exciting event.

Apart but together. As soon as the weather improved our residents decided to enjoy some warmth together after staying inside for so long.

Keeping our residents and staff healthy requires everyone's cooperation. These days we are screening and taking temperatures at the building entrance, and of course limiting access to essential personnel only.

Brainstorming doesn't have to be boring!

Our leadership team meetings sometimes have an added fun twist. Morale needs to be kept up during these uncertain and challenging times.

Bingo The Park Danforth style. Who said you can't have fun while socially distancing?

We think it's important to continue to offer social activities for our residents. It helps ensure residents are not isolated and lonely.

Kind words from a family member.

"I know Mom is feeling secure, informed and well nourished both physically, mentally, and emotionally as her voice is upbeat and her spirits are high during every contact I've had with her. I Know that you make life easier for my dad and my family too, knowing that Mom is content and thriving under your care during this challenging time."

Carol Ryan Ertz (family member)