A Favorite Form of Self-care in 2021 is Revisiting an Old hobby or Discovering a New One

Its always important to include a certain amount of self-care activities in our busy schedules but it seems more important than ever to include a bit of pampering in our daily/weekly routines with the added stressors of Covid-19 and isolation.

With more time at home many of us are returning to old hobbies that got lost when we were more involved in activities outside of the home. There has been a large increase in sales of items such as jigsaw puzzles, knitting and other craft supplies. Picking up an old craft project can provide a well-deserved distraction and stress relief. If your hobby includes results in an end product, sharing what you make can be very affirming. Here is a link to the most popular hobbies for last year, each of which could be added to you self-care plan: